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Preparations for Next Year's Farming Brisk in DPRK


Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- Agricultural workers across the country have turned out as one in the preparations for next year's farming.

Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and provincial, city, county-level agricultural guidance organs are taking measures to increase the grain production next year on the basis of analyzing success and experience gained in this year's farming.

Co-op farms are pushing ahead with the autumn ploughing by raising the operation ratio of tractors while mobilizing to the maximum and rationally deploying ploughing means in consideration of features of each plot and area.

They are carrying out the work for providing soil condition favorable for farming while producing much more organic fertilizer.

With efforts put on improvement of rivers and waterways they are pushing forward it as policy-oriented tasks to establish scientific water management system and solve water problem.

They are taking a thorough measure to ensure proper repair and maintenance of irrigation structures and pumping equipment after checking their state.

Thanks to the efforts of officials and agricultural workers across the country, more and more achievements are being made in preparations for next year's farming.


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