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Aero-generators Widely Introduced in DPRK


Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) -- A work to use wind power resources has been actively conducted in the DPRK.

Lots of aero-generators with different capacities appeared in rural, mountainous and coastal areas of the country.

Samjiyon City of Ryanggang Province in the northern alpine area of the country installed aero-generators of 100 kilowatts on the top of Pegae Peak some years ago to turn out a large amount of electricity.

Unchon County of South Hwanghae Province has run one thousand and hundreds of aero-generators by using favorable natural and geographical conditions of the western coastal area. And the number of rural households producing electricity by using wind power is increasing in the region.

Meanwhile, an effort has been paid to improving the performance of aero-generators.

South Hamgyong Province manufactured a new type of aero-generator, seven times higher than the previous one in output, and introduced it to many units in the province. This aero-generator is designed to produce normal output even in weak wind.

And aero-generators of different capacity, including a high-efficiency aero-generator, have been designed and manufactured. In particular, a small-sized aero-generator produced at a factory in Pyongyang is in great demand for its convenience of installation and utility.


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