Harnessing Natural Energy Gains Momentum


Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- In the DPRK, efforts are made to harness natural energy, which is regarded as an important policy task and as one of the ways for propelling the development of units.

Under a long-range program, Pyongyang City is pushing forward with the establishment of solar generation system by taking advantages of high percentage of sunshine and many high-rise buildings.

The Sci-Tech Complex installed thousands of solar panels on its roof and along the bank of the River Taedong to produce electric power needed for lighting, thousands of computers, network facilities and communication equipment.

It has also geothermal air conditioning.

Many institutions and enterprises, including the Grand People's Study House, and families produce with solar panels electric power for production, management and living.

North Hwanghae Province has achieved many successes by directing efforts into producing electric power with solar energy, etc. and South Hwanghae Province widely introduces the technologies of harnessing wind power.

Jagang Province manufactured and installed small and profitable hydro-power generators and operates them on a normal basis.

The nationwide capacity of power generation based on natural energy is on the steady rise.


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