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DPRK Children's Paintings Appreciated at Int'l Exhibition


Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- Paintings drawn by children of the DPRK won a high appreciation at the 7th Asian children's painting exhibition held in Benxi City of Liaoning Province, China.

The DPRK presented 12 pieces of paintings to the exhibition, and seven of them were appreciated as prize winners and five as excellent.

A crayon drawing "Horses on Grassland", presented by Choe Thae Jong, a fifth-year pupil of Mirae Primary School in Phyongchon District affiliated to Kim Hyong Jik University of Education, took the first prize. This drawing depicting nine horses walking to and fro leisurely on grassland was estimated as the best at the exhibition.

Crayon drawings "Clear Sky Is Ours" and "Referee", presented by Choe Kang Jon and Pak Ui Song, pupils of Ryukgyo Primary School in Phyongchon District and Songbuk Primary School in Moranbong District of Pyongyang, won the second prize.

"Intimate Friends of Hill", "Playing at Doctors", "Welcome" and "Rainbow, Dream and Future" got the third prize. They were drawn by Kim Wi Hyon, a child of Kaeson Kindergarten in Moranbong District, Choe Won Hung, a child of Changgwang Kindergarten, Ri Ryo Jin, a pupil of Segori Primary School in Pothonggang District, and Choe Jong Gyong, a pupil of Rangnang Primary School in Rangnang District, Pyongyang.

Through the exhibition, the Korean children fully displayed their talents that have been cultivated under the advantageous socialist educational system.

In the DPRK, children are to finish their kindergarten education course at the age of six and the primary school education course at the age of 11.


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