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KCNA Blasts Japan's Claim to "Exclusive Defence"


Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- Japan has taken off the mask of "exclusive defense" with which it had deceived the international community.

Shortly ago, new Prime Minister Kishida at an interview with the domestic media revealed his intent to specify the possession of the long-contented "capability for attacking the enemy base" in the national security strategy to be revised.

The possession of the capability envisaging neutralizing the enemy base before the latter launches a missile would make it possible to make a preemptive strike at other countries and provoke a war of aggression against them, and this amounts to an unpardonable act contrary to the Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan which stipulates the renunciation of war and the abandonment of the right to belligerency, to say nothing of the international treaties.

The "exclusive defense" can never go with the possession of the "capability for making a preemptive strike".

The conception of "exclusive defense" which the Japanese reactionaries have described as the "mainstay of security" over several decades after the war has finally become defunct.

As everybody admits, the "exclusive defence" is just a deceptive signboard.

Japan has used it for covering up its revanchist ambition and moves to turn Japan into a military power and for painting itself as a peace-loving force.

It is under this signboard that Japan replaced the article of "no access to militancy", core article of the "Pacifist Constitution", by expansion of "Self-Defense Forces'" scope of operation to space and avenged the deprivation of the rights to belligerency and to participation in war with all sorts of overseas military acts in Iraq and other areas under the plea of "security".

The frantic introduction of preemptive attack-type sophisticated hardware like the purchase of latest stealth fighter, the development of long-range cruise missile and the possession of aircraft carrier in recent years can never be explained with the concept of "defence".

It was only a few days ago that Japan launched the latest 3 000 ton-class submarine, inciting war zeal.

The arrogant Japan has gone the length of adopting it as a state policy to possess preemptive attack capability against other countries.

Problem is that the Japanese reactionaries are still claiming "minimum level self-defence" and "authentic deterrence" even after its open shift from "defence" to "preemptive attack".

The nature of the war country thirsting for reinvasion has been brought to light.

Japan had better not profess "exclusive defence".

The international community will never tolerate the Japanese reactionaries' dangerous moves for becoming a military giant to realize its wild ambition for continental aggression at any cost by deceiving the world.


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