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Mangyongdae Chicken Farm


Pyongyang, October 21 (KCNA) -- The Mangyongdae Chicken Farm in the DPRK was built as a model egg producer on October 17, Juche 55 (1966).

According to its chief engineer O Kwang Il, the farm is associated with the detailed guidance of the great leaders who had always shown deep care for the development of the country's poultry industry and the improvement of the people's diet.

President Kim Il Sung set its position in a place good for hygienic and traffic conditions and solved all problems arising in its construction. After the start of its operation, he frequently visited the farm to teach in detail the sci-tech problems for poultry farming suited to the country's conditions and settle any problems related to its management.

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the farm more than ten times and gave clear answers to the problems arising in its operation and management, including the issues of putting the poultry farming on an intensive, mechanized and automated basis and improving the veterinary and anti-epizootic work.

Today the farm, updated in 2002 and 2014, runs an integrated production system with modern facilities and has a capacity of producing thousands of tons of substitute feed. This year, it has carried out its quota at more than 110 percent every month by introducing scientific raising methods.


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