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Defence Development Exhibition Draws Large Crowds


Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) -- Defence Development Exhibition Self-Defence-2021 continues day after day, drawing large crowds.

Officials, scientists, technicians and workers in the field of munitions industry inspected the exhibition with immense pride and self-esteem.

Going round the historic scenes showing the immortal field leadership history of our Party which covered the path of defence industrial revolution for the security of the country, eternal dignity and happiness, and their noble crystallizations, the visitors recollected solemnly the days when they built the most powerful capabilities for self-defence while sharing thought, intention, sweets and bitters with the Party Central Committee.

They made their firm pledge to cherish the great trust and loving care of the Party Central Committee, which takes good care of soldiers in the defence field, as the bloodline of their destinies, and to put their heart and soul into successfully carrying out the five-year plan for the defence science development and weapon system development set forth at the 8th Party Congress.


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