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Women's Union Members Dedicate Themselves to Socialist Construction


Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) -- Women's union members across the country devote themselves to major socialist construction projects.

Members of women's union shock brigade in Pyongyang City are encouraging the builders at the site of the construction of 10 000 flats by carrying building materials, tidying up the area and providing welfare service.

At the construction site of dwelling houses in Komdok area, women's union members of the General Bureau of the Tanchon Area Mining Industry are responsibly making concrete blocks and doing other good deeds, thus having a large share in overfulfilling the daily plans.

Women's union members in Hamhung City, Sinhung County, etc. filled the low ground with the earth of thousands of cubic meters and laid turf in a large area in order to help the builders in the fierce 24-7 struggle to turn the affected area into a socialist fairyland.

Women's union members in Nampho City built goat corrals, drying-places, etc. by themselves in a short span of time so as to build a goat farm and create a pasture.

Women's union members in South Phyongan Province, South and North Hwanghae provinces, etc. helped the farms in harvesting and threshing.



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