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Dynamic Autumn Campaign for Land Administration Launched in DPRK


Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) -- A lot of successes have been made in a dynamic autumn campaign for land administration launched by people across the DPRK.

Thanks to the efforts of officials of the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, provinces, cities and counties and working people, hundreds of kilometers of roads were technically improved and millions of cubic meters of river-beds dredged within fifteen days across the country.

Officials and working people in North Hamgyong Province successfully completed dozens of projects such as river improvement, dredging of river-beds and reinforcement of embankments with earth and stones at the earliest date.

Technical improvement and building of roads are being dynamically pushed ahead with in different areas.

More than 2 000 square meters of retaining walls were built and safety and protective poles newly set up at one hundred and dozens of spots in Cholsan County and 30-odd kilometers of roads technically improved and structures established to ensure safety in Kosan County.

Millions of cubic meters of river-beds were dredged in segments extending for thousands of kilometers across the country.

A mass campaign for attaining the ambitious plans for river improvement is underway in many cities and counties.



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