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Working People's Children Blessed by Great Person


Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) -- The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un called ordinary working people's children who have distinguished themselves in the study and the Children's Union organizational life to the office building of the Party Central Committee on September 8, together with labor innovators and merited persons who participated in the celebrations of the 73rd birthday of the DPRK.

That day, he had a photo session with those schoolchildren and invited them to a grand banquet.

Upon receiving the news, all the people in the DPRK could hardly repress their deep emotion over his warm benevolence and have offered congratulations to the children and their parents, regarding it as their own honor and pride.

The parents of Kim Yun Jong, one of the schoolchildren, who are workers at the Pyongyang National Musical Instrument Factory and the Pyongyang Shoes Machine Factory, told KCNA: On TV, we saw our daughter presenting a bouquet to the respected General Secretary. Everything seemed to us like a dream. We could not get to sleep all that night.

A schoolboy Jang Ho Gon's mother Pak Mun Yong who is a worker at a unit said: I could not repress my surging emotion when the respected General Secretary embraced my son.

All the parents of the schoolchildren who participated in the special celebrations expressed their resolution to bring up their children more wonderfully and work hard for the prosperity of the country, cherishing deep in mind the love and benevolence shown by the General Secretary.


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