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Past Crimes Done by Japanese Imperialists to Seize Hot Spring Resources in Korea


Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) -- In the last century, the Japanese imperialists occupied Korea illegally and committed lots of crimes, including the deed of obliterating the Korean nation's hot spring culture.

From ancient times, the Korean people had widely used hot spring resources rich in the country to treat diseases. And even Japanese were allowed to get hot spring cure in the period of feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910).

However, the Japanese imperialists seized all hot spring resources in Korea after their occupation of it.

They made Japanese run such famous spas like the Kyongsong Hot Spring or turned them into sanatoriums for the Japanese imperialist aggression army, prohibiting the Korean people's access to them. And they set up police stations in the hot spring areas to oppress the Koreans.

They built hotels, inns, bathhouses and other auxiliary facilities for Japanese in Sinchon Hot Spring of Hwanghae Province, Tongrae Hot Spring of Kyongsang Province and other spas across Korea. In 1925, they named a newly-found spa in Ongjin of Hwanghae Province "Ilwol Hot Spring" and handed over it to a Japanese to earn money.

After all, the Korean people were deprived of all the hot spring resources that had been used for thousands of years.

The Korean people will never forget the past crime-woven history of the Japanese imperialists but make them pay dearly for their crimes without fail.


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