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Nationally Protected Animal-Big Ryongrim Bear


Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- Our country is endowed with rich animal resources. Among them is the Big Ryongrim Bear, a nationally protected animal.

It is 150-200 cm long and weighs 150-250 kg or 450 kg in rare cases.

The omnivorous animal subsists on seasonally differing food.

It hibernates in caves or hollowed logs from around November to around April the following year.

It gives birth to 1-2 cubs or up to 3-5 sometimes.

Its habitat is in the areas 1 400 m above the sea level including Wagal peak, the highest peak in Rangnim Mountain Range.

Our country has set areas with rich bio-diversity and home to rare and endangered animal species as animal sanctuaries long ago and is protecting them with nationwide efforts.

The Big Ryongrim Bear is taken deep care of, being listed as nationally protected animal.


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