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Ancestral Father of Korean Nation


Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- The Mausoleum of King Tangun, the ancestral father of the Korean nation who built Ancient Korea (early 30th century B.C. - 108 B.C.), the first state in the history of Korea, is at the foot of Mt Taebak in Kangdong County, Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK.

Its total area is 45 hectares.

The mausoleum shows the developed culture, politics, economy and military power in the period of Ancient Korea and, it is a precious cultural asset showing the origin of the traditional grave form of the nation.

In the past, the history of Tangun and Ancient Korea was distorted by flunkeys and Japanese imperialist reptile historians and Tangun had been regarded as a mythical being.

However, thanks to the guidance of President Kim Il Sung who attached big significance to bringing light to the problem of ancestral father of the nation, Tangun was ascertained on a scientific basis to be a real being.

In September Juche 81 (1992), the President gave officials the precious teachings on making scholars find out and ascertain all the relics related to Tangun to decipher the legendary of Tangun on a scientific basis.

So, overall survey and excavation of an ancient tomb known as the mausoleum of King Tangun were conducted in Kangdong County and such relics as human bones and gold-plated crown pieces were discovered there at last. The results of several measurements on the relics at that time proved that Tangun was a real being born 5 011 years ago.

At a consultative meeting with historians and officials concerned in September 1993, the President said that the findings is of weighty significance in the history of the Korean nation as it shows that the Koreans are a homogeneous nation with Tangun as the ancestral father.

The Korean people have gathered at the mausoleum in October every year to hold a grand event celebrating the Foundation Day of Korea.


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