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Work for Increasing Fish Resources Brisk in DPRK


Pyongyang, September 18 (KCNA) -- A work has been pushed ahead in the DPRK to increase the fish resources in Lake Yonphung.

This artificial lake for irrigation is located between Anju and Kaechon cities in South Phyongan Province. It became more famous with the emergence of the Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp. The area of the lake is 14.87 square kilometers.

Under a plan for making the lake teem with mandarin fishes, the Ministry of Fisheries has settled the sci-tech problems arising in the formation of food chain.

The ministry has stocked the lake with millions of fries until now. It is also stepping up the work to breed many young mandarin fishes, catfishes and food-fish for mandarin fishes.

Meanwhile, a measure was taken to stock the lake with pond smelts on a large scale and provide enough conditions for spawning. In liaison with relevant institutions, the ministry also launched the work to protect the natural environment and provide sufficient habitat conditions for fishes in Lake Yonphung.


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