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Collective Innovation Drive Brisk in Several Sectors of National Economy


Pyongyang, September 18 (KCNA) -- Several fields of the national economy are waging collective innovation drive by positively organizing the campaigns in which one overtakes and learns from others and swaps experience with one another.

The Ministry of Electric Power Industry is scrupulously organizing the work for generalizing the good experiences gained in overhauling generating equipment and operating them after setting the Pyongyang Thermal Power Plant and the Jangjingang Power Station as exemplary units.

Thermal power plants and hydro-power stations across the country are pushing ahead with the work for applying the successes made in recycling waste oil and establishing real-time efficiency-measuring system. They are creating fresh experience and technology while sharing experience.

The Ministry of Coal Industry is organizing video conferencing to help all the coal mines quickly draw on experience and sci-tech achievements made in the campaign for increasing the coal production. It is conducting effective work for generalizing them by various modes and methods including visit, exhibition and show.

It makes sure collective innovation drive is effected by turning the high-speed tunneling game into the course of exchanging and sharing successes and excellent experience with those units going ahead of them, not simple competition for deciding standings.

In the course of doing it, hundreds of reserve cutting faces were secured and more than 3 000 valuable sci-tech achievements made and applied this year alone.

Traits of teaching and learning from each other and enriching experience are prevailing in several sectors including light industry and railway transport.


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