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Pioneer of Multi-machine Tending Campaign in Chollima Age


Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) -- A large number of heroes were produced in the Chollima age, recorded in the DPRK's history of development. Among them is Ri Hwa Sun, a pioneer of the multi-machine tending campaign.

Ri Hwa Sun lost her father at an early age and had to suffer humiliation and insult, working as a nursemaid in south Korea. She could lead a worthwhile life under the care of the DPRK.

Working as a weaver at the Pyongyang Textile Mill (then), she keenly felt the love of President Kim Il Sung taking to heart the people's wellbeing. She made her mind to contribute to the improvement of people's living standard by weaving much more cloth.

In April Juche 53 (1964), she kindled the first torch of the multi-machine tending campaign by inventing 10-odd technical innovations. She began to tend 48 machines in 1964 and gradually increased the number of machines even to 80 until 1968. She had over-fulfilled the yearly plan before the end of April every year and trained tens of weavers into multi-machine tenders and highly-skilled workers in those days.

She went round 72 km in eight working hours a day and turned out one million meters of cloth a year.

President Kim Il Sung personally attended the 2nd National Conference of Pioneers of the Chollima Workteam Movement and highly praised her as a true Chollima rider, a heroine of the times and an excellent revolutionary after hearing her speech.

Under the deep care of the Workers' Party of Korea, Ri Hwa Sun emerged as a winner of the Order of Kim Il Sung and the title of DPRK Labor Hero and as a deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly.

Today, the DPRK people strive to follow the noble mental world and working trait of such pioneers in the Chollima age as Ri.


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