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Three Classics on Koryo Medicine


Pyongyang, September 15 (KCNA) -- "Hyangyakjipsongbang", "Uibangryuchwi" and "Tonguibogam" are three classics on Koryo medicine of Korea. The books show long tradition of Koryo medicine and its development.

"Hyangyakjipsongbang" (85 vols. in total) published in 1433 brings together all the successes of Koryo medicine and curative experiences gained in the country till the early days of the 15th century.

Carried in it are prescriptions for 959 kinds of diseases, more than 10 700 kinds of folk remedies, 1 400-odd acupuncture and moxibustion treatment methods, many medicinal materials and their origin, features, medicinal value, picking method, usage, etc.

"Uibangryuchwi" (365 vols. in total), the first encyclopedia of medicine in the world, was compiled in 1445.

All the successes made in medical circles of Korea and the East until the early period of the 15th century were edited, divided into 90-odd disease classifications.

The book encompasses all contents ranging from general introduction covering such theoretical problems as moral ethics of medical activity, treatment principles of diseases, physiology and pathology of human body and etiology, to all clinical sections.

"Tonguibogam" (25 vols. in total) was published in 1613 by Ho Jun (1546-1615), a famous medical man, on the basis of his long clinical experiences and hundreds of volumes of medical books.

The book, divided into five chapters, deals in easy and comprehensive way the anatomico-physiology of human body, the methods for checkup, prevention and treatment of different kinds of diseases and remedies.

The book was reprinted in 1814 and 1874 and on other occasions. It was also published and disseminated in China and Japan.

The book made a great contribution to putting the Koryo medicine on a high level and developing the world medicine.


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