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Monuments and Signposts to Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's Field Guidance Erected


Pyongyang, September 12 (KCNA) -- Monuments and signposts to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's field guidance have been courteously erected at different units in North Hwanghae Province and South Hamgyong Province.

Taechong-ri of Unpha County and Kangbuk-ri of Kumchon County in North Hwanghae Province, Hongwon County and Tanchon City in South Hamgyong Province and the Komdok Mining Complex are where a new legend in which adversity turned into favorable conditions in the Workers' Party era was produced. These places are associated with the immortal leadership of the respected General Secretary who devoted himself to relieving people of the misfortune caused by natural disaster as early as possible.

A monument and a signpost to Kim Jong Un's field guidance erected in Taechong-ri of Unpha County and a similar monument in Kangbuk-ri of Kumchon County convey the great loving care shown by Kim Jong Un who gives top priority to the safety of the people and their happiness and spares nothing for them.

In August, Juche 109 (2020) the General Secretary visited the flood-affected Taechong-ri several times after receiving a report on the flood damage in the area. He took meticulous measures for urgently stabilizing the living of the inhabitants and indicated detailed orientation and ways for rehabilitation. He even showed the favor of supplying the reserve grain of the President of the State Affairs to people there.

Thanks to his great affection Kangbuk-ri of Kumchon County which had been ravaged by downpour and strong winds has turned into a model socialist rural village, after having the remnants of the disaster cleared.

Similar monuments have also been erected in Unpho workers' district in Hongwon County and Songwang-dong of Tanchon City.

Visiting the rehabilitation site in Hongwon County the General Secretary looked round for a long time the new houses to which the Party members of the capital city put their efforts, and noted with great satisfaction that those houses are a crystal of the loyalty of the Party members from capital city to the Party, and that those houses are so valuable to him as the Chairman of the WPK and he feels great pride as they were personally built by those Party members.

Komdok area, the nation's leading mineral producing base, has turned into a national iconic mountainous city and mining city thanks to Kim Jong Un's noble intention of devoted service for the people's wellbeing. He visited the Komdok area along the dangerous gorge railways that had been temporarily restored.

A signpost erected in the area of the Dressing Plant No. 3 of the Komdok Mining Complex is telling the exploit of the peerlessly great man who unfolded a bright prospect to turn the Komdok area into the ravine town unprecedented in history.

Relevant officials, Party members and working people have devoted themselves to the building of the monuments and signposts with ardent desire to convey the great favors shown by the General Secretary generation after generation.

Officials, Party members and working people in North Hwanghae Province and South Hamgyong Province are full of enthusiasm to make positive contributions to hastening a new victory of the revolution by bringing about substantial successes and practical changes in the all-people general advance for implementing the decisions made at the Party Congress true to the idea and leadership of the Party Central Committee.


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