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Ministry of Coal Industry Fulfills Plans for July


Pyongyang, August 2 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of Coal Industry has fulfilled the plans for July.

The ministry made sure that coal mines secured more coal pits by giving precedence to prospecting and tunneling, and led them to proactively introduce reasonable tunneling methods based on scientific and realistic operational plans for improving the transport capacity.

Various coal mines including the Jenam Coal Mine of the Tokchon Area Coal Mining Complex applied efficient blasting methods and improved the technical skills of the tunneling workers to raise the drilling result 1.2 times higher than before, thus carrying out the monthly plan.

Colliers of different coal mines in the Pukchang Area and Sunchon Area dug out much coal than the plan by raising the level of mechanization.

The Kujang Area Coal Mining Complex and other complexes waged dynamic mass movements to carry out the monthly plans under the uplifted slogan of "One for all and all for one!".


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