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Forest Conservancy System Strengthened in Jagang Province of DPRK


Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- Jagang Province of the DPRK distinguishes itself in improving the system of monitoring and warning of forest fire and mobilizing the public to prevent it, and in laying the material and technical foundations for perfecting the system.

A hundreds of kilometers-long firebreak was created and is repaired regularly. This year alone, a stone barrier extending for some 20 kilometers and a water-collecting site with a total capacity of over 130 cubic meters have been built.

By enhancing the responsibility and role of the forest rangers, the province intensified the work for monitoring forest fire and harmful insects. The province also fulfilled the biological pesticide production plan for the second quarter of the year by 109 percent by exploiting its internal reserves.

A brisk mass movement for forest conservation is underway in many cities and counties including Kanggye City and Songgan and Sijung counties of the province which established a proper forest conservancy system.


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