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Rodong Sinmun Calls on Entire Party, Country to Keep Supporting Agricultural Sector


Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun on Friday in an editorial calls upon the entire Party and country to keep aiding the farms in every way.

The most important affair in implementing the major state policies for this year is to do farming well, the editorial says, and goes on:

When a victory is won in the agricultural sector first, the people come to witness the changed reality from the first year for implementing the five-year plan and the advantages of the Korean-style socialism will be strikingly displayed.

All the citizens should support the farms both materially and morally, regarding it as a vital matter related to the destiny of themselves, their children and the country to do farming well.

When the entire Party and all the people devote themselves to doing farming well and fill the granaries of the country with rice, there will be nothing to fear in any crisis and we can confidently advance toward the attainment of higher goals.

Today those who dedicate themselves to farming and sincerely support the farms to increase grain production are the genuine patriots.

All the people should devote their pure conscience and patriotic enthusiasm to aiding the farms from the standpoint that they are in charge of farming together with the agricultural workers.

They should always pay attention to farming and make sure that the current hot atmosphere of supporting the farms pervades the whole country until the conclusion of this year's farming.


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