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Measures Taken to Prevent Damage from Severe Heat in Rural Areas


Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- As sultry weather hits the country, agricultural officials and workers of the DPRK turned out in taking good care of the crops in the latter half of their growth.

The Ministry of Agriculture informs the farms throughout the country of future weather and appropriate technical measures through video conferencing and the tele-conversation system for exchanging farming techniques. Providing detailed technical guidance, the ministry also focuses on supplying necessary materials for scientific farming.

North Phyongan Province distributed manuals on the methods for identifying the paddy and dry fields where crops suffer from malnutrition and taking necessary measures. The province also established a stricter system for controlling water supply and guided the work properly. Those in charge of managing waterways and supplying water to paddy fields are urged to fulfill their responsibilities.

Farmers in South Phyongan Province spray nutrient solution over crops while plucking maize tassels.

Directing efforts to taking care of rice in paddy fields, they also carpet the hillside fields and other maize fields vulnerable to drought with hulls of rice, wheat and barley straw.

By tapping all water resources and mobilizing vehicles and pumping equipment, North and South Hwanghae provinces concentrate on irrigating the paddy and dry fields with different methods.

Agricultural workers in Kangwon and North Hamgyong provinces exert themselves to prevent damage by severe heat, repeatedly checking the state of wells and tube-wells. They make preparations to protect crops from unfavorable weather.


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