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Expansion of Production Capacity Underway in Iron Mines of DPRK


Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) -- Officials and workers of the iron mines in the metallurgical industry sector work hard to increase their production capacity.

The Musan Mining Complex puts efforts into restoring the mining areas and pits with abundant deposits and good mining conditions and into consolidating its production foundations by overhauling key equipment.

It has raised the operation rate of open-cast mining machines by timely repairing them, while focusing on the project for extending the stripping belt.

The Unryul Mine pushes ahead with overhauling equipment for increasing the production capacity. Its workers recycled or repaired important accessories of percussive-rotary drilling machines by themselves to ensure full-capacity production.

They also repaired the long-distance belt conveyor and crushers to push forward with the project for increasing the stripping capacity as scheduled.

The Jaeryong Mine also puts efforts into expanding the stripping capacity by upgrading equipment in order to boost production.

It steps up the development of new mining areas while taking measures to prevent the damage by disastrous weather.

The Toksong Mine and other iron mines direct their efforts to expanding production capacity.


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