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Fish-farming Grounds Expand in DPRK


Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) -- The movement for implementing the Party's policy on fish farming gets brisk across the DPRK.

This year the cage-net fish farming area and the in-paddy-field fish breeding area have expanded across the country; over 16 000 square meters and a hundred and tens of hectares respectively more than the planned. Substantial achievements were made in raising the scientific level of fish farming.

South Phyongan Province fulfilled its cage-net fish farm building plan by 120 percent. By securing necessary raw materials from the outset of this year, the province built fish breeding grounds in appropriate waters in a short span of time to breed carp, goldfish and Ryongjong fish.

By expanding their grounds for breeding Hermetia illucens, various fishing units in North Phyongan Province consolidated their foundations for increasing the production of protein feed with effective methods.

South Hwanghae Province breeds fish in paddy fields of over 200 hectares.

Fish breeding in paddy fields are also brisk in other parts of the countryside. While doing farm work, farmers direct efforts to putting the nutritional care of fish in paddy fields on a sci-tech basis under feasible plans.


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