KCNA Commentary Slams Japan's Scenario for Seizing Tok Island by Force of Arms


Pyongyang, June 23 (KCNA) -- Recently, the Defense Ministry of Japan posted multimedia showing Tok Island labeled as "Takeshima" on its internet homepage.

This signals that Japan has gone beyond the red line in its wild ambition for territorial expansion.

As known, Japan gets desperate in its moves to seize Tok Island this year.

Its 2021 Diplomatic Blue Book stipulates that "Tok Island is originally a Japanese territory and is being illegally occupied." 57 pieces of misinformation about Tok Island were newly posted on its government website.

Japan also educates the rising generations on distorted history in a bid to drive them to the seizure of Tok Island and reinvasion.

Recently, it works hard to get its insistence on "dominium over Tok Island" internationally recognized through the Tokyo Olympics.

Against this backdrop, even the Defense Ministry launched propaganda about Japan's territorial claim, which is little short of declaring its intention to occupy the island, a territory of the Korean nation, by force of arms. This proves that Japan has reached the extremes in its wild territorial ambition.

As hinted by the multimedia circulated by the Defense Ministry of Japan, Japan gets frantic in arms buildup after including "solution to the territorial issue of Tok Island" in its project for realizing the "strategy for a free and open Indo-Pacific" that pushes the regional situation to the brink of war.

No wonder, thoughtless remarks calling for "resolutely defending Tok Island" are frequently heard in the Japanese archipelago and the number of military drills simulating the defence and recapture of a solitary island drastically increased.

This proves that Japan's armed invasion of Tok Island is a matter of time.

Japan's goal is to launch its reinvasion of the Korean Peninsula with sudden occupation of Tok Island under the pretext of "territorial recovery" after creating the public opinion favorable for justifying its absurd insistence on "dominium over Tok Island" at home and abroad.

Japan, which does not acknowledge, apologize and compensate for its history of crimes that inflicted untold damage upon humanity, expedites its revival of militarism through downright embellishment of the crime-woven history instead. So it is not difficult to imagine what risky act will be prompted by its territorial ambition.

Its moves to seize Tok Island are an intolerable insult and blatant challenge to the Korean nation.

The Korean people will not show mercy towards its moves for reinvasion.

Japan should not act carelessly, well aware of the Korean people's will to surely make it, their sworn enemy, pay dearly for its crimes.


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