Several Units of Fishing Sector Fulfill First Half-Yearly Shipbuilding Plans


Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Several units of the fishing sector have fulfilled their first half-yearly plans for shipbuilding, true to the decisions made at the 8th Party Congress.

The Nampho Fishery Station introduced new technological innovation schemes into building a "Hwanggumhae"-class 300hp transport boat.

The Chongjin Fishery Station and the Chongjin Net-weaving Factory, effecting a mass innovation in shipbuilding, completed designs on the principle of increasing performance and lowering costs in cooperation with relevant units.

By learning from the experiences and technologies of exemplary units and applying rational working methods, the Sinam Fishery Station fulfilled their first half-yearly shipbuilding plans ahead of schedule.

Workers of the Riwon Fishery Station also made successes in building fishing boats.


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