Farming Progresses Despite Unfavorable Weather


Pyongyang, June 20 (KCNA) -- Agricultural officials and workers are concentrating efforts on the present farming, tackling this year's unfavorable weather.

Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and agricultural guidance organs of every province, city and county, with high sense of responsibility, apply scientific and technological methods to farming in order to overcome abnormal weather.

Farms in cities and counties are vying with each other in stimulating the growth of crops.

As cloudy weather lingers, they put efforts into taking good nutritional care of crops with organic compound fertilizer.

They also produced amino acid micronutrient compound fertilizer and multi-element mineral fertilizer with the raw materials abundant in their cities and counties and facilitate the growth of crops with different kinds of stimulants.

And they also direct efforts to the production of effective agricultural chemicals to protect crops from the harmful insects, taking measures to prevent damage by disastrous weather.

To protect crops from flood, they also engage in repairing irrigation structures, dredging rivers and digging ditches of paddy fields.

Wheat and barley planted as first crops are being harvested in the fields of socialist cooperative farms.


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