Construction of Dwelling Houses Accelerates in Komdok Area


Pyongyang, June 19 (KCNA) -- Officers and men of the People's Army are performing fresh feats every day in the construction project for turning the mining villages in the area of Komdok into the world's best mining town.

The construction headquarters scrupulously conduct the organizational and political work to wage an ideological offensive across the Komdok area, while organizing a brisk socialist emulation campaign among the units at all levels involved in the project.

The soldier builders find out innovative ways for ensuring high construction speed and quality and put them into practice.

They continually raise the level of specialization in construction and introduce effective methods into construction.

Structural constructions of low- and multi-storied dwelling houses have been completed one after another through collective innovations.

The project for transforming the Komdok area makes rapid progress, thanks to the soldier builders all out in a drive for upholding the Party policy.


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