Brisk Sericulture in DPRK


Pyongyang, June 19 (KCNA) -- Spring rearing of silkworms gets brisk at cocoon farms across the DPRK.

Employees of the farms have a good harvest of mulberry leaves despite unfavorable weather by carpeting their mulberry fields with high-quality organic fertilizer.

They ensure the temperature and humidity favorable for the growth of silkworms in the rooms for rearing them. They also strictly observe the technical rules in disinfection of the rooms.

The farms also organize workshops for improving the technical skills of their employees after laying material and technical foundations for fully ensuring the favorable conditions for the complete growth of silkworms.

Notably, the sericulture workers in Jagang Province restored more than 220 hectares of mulberry fields, increased the area of dense planting mulberry fields and newly built over 30 cocooneries with good ventilation at sunny places.

Cooperative farms and sericulture farms, workteams and sub-workteams in cities and counties of the province have picked a huge amount of mulberry leaves for raising silkworms.


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