Technical Innovation Brisk in Building-materials Industry


Pyongyang, June 19 (KCNA) -- Technicians and researchers in the field of building-materials industry conduct brisk technical innovation drive to produce more building-materials of good quality by relying on indigenous technology and locally available raw and other materials.

The Pyongyang Building-materials Factory has set a goal to ensure 100 percent local production of raw materials.

The researchers of the industrial technology institute of the factory have searched for raw materials for building-materials while touring different parts of the country and solved technical issues arising in producing building-materials with those raw materials.

They have developed and applied the technology of producing electrolyte and fusing agent for tile production with locally available materials deposited in the country. Therefore, they have provided a guarantee for keeping production going in a balanced way while considerably reducing the cost of tile production.

A progress has also been made in the technical innovation for realizing 100 percent local production of raw materials for sanitary ware, and as a result, they have produced various kinds of trial sanitary ware and now propel the research for improving quality.

The Sunghori Cement Factory has developed technology for raising the strength of cement by increasing fineness of raw materials, and pushes forward technical innovation as planned to produce white cement with locally available raw materials.

Other building-materials production units are also accelerating technical innovation to raise the quality of products and increase their kinds.


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