Field Medical Service Brisk on Co-op Farms


Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- Field medical service for agricultural workers and supporters is brisk on every co-op farm.

The Ministry of Public Health and public health institutions in different parts of the country, being well aware of the importance of this year's farming in carrying out the decisions of the Party Congress, made foresighted preparations for positive field medical service before the beginning of the campaign for assisting farms.

Field medical-care groups were organized in conformity with regional characteristics in each province, city and county, measures taken to provide necessary medicines and medical supplies and practical work conducted to launch medical service with a priority given to the emergency epidemic prevention work.

With the start of rice transplantation, medical workers across the country began field medical service on co-operative farms and their number totals thousands.

Officials of medical institutions of South Hwanghae Province provide medicines by their own efforts from a stand that they must be fully responsible for the health of agricultural workers and supporters.

South Hamgyong Province and South Phyongan Province are making sure medical workers enhance their responsibility and role while pushing forward the provision of conditions for field medical service and intensifying summing-up.

Public health officials of other regions are also all out with a desire to make sure the people actually benefit from socialist public health system and to propel the agricultural production for this year.


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