Measures for Preventing Flood and Typhoon Damage Taken in DPRK


Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- Measures are being taken in the DPRK to prevent the damage by flood and typhoon.

Officials and workers of the agricultural field across the country put their efforts into improvement of rivers and streams and waterways and repair of pumping equipment.

All cities and counties in North Phyongan Province have taken measures to protect farmland from heavy rain, dredging drainage canals and irrigation waterways and reinforcing embankments.

Rivers and streams extending for hundreds of kilometers in different parts of the province have been dredged with their embankments properly reinforced. Spillways, intake gates and dams of reservoirs were overhauled and their vulnerable parts are repaired in the final stage.

Improvement of rivers and waterways are also brisk in South Hamgyong Province.

The Taedonggang flood guidance group has taken measures to protect the city, residential districts and farmland in the basin of the Taedong River.

The Ministry of Land and Maritime Transport has put efforts into overhauling and reinforcing floodgate-hoisting equipment and structures of different barrages and dams.

Officials of the State Hydro-meteorological Administration exert efforts on putting weather forecast on a more scientific basis.


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