Campaign for Coping with Disastrous Weather Brisk in North Hamgyong Province


Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- North Hamgyong Province steps up preparations for coping with disastrous weather under a well thought-out plan.

Presuming that the province would be hit by flood and typhoon this year, too, the agricultural workers take steps for protecting farmland and crops.

River dredging and reinforcement of embankments are underway in cities and counties.

Workers of irrigation reservoirs, on the basis of a scientific plan for adjusting water level, push ahead with repairing dams, floodgates, irrigation canals and drainage canals by concentrating manpower and means.

Hydro-power stations direct their efforts to reinforcing dams and hydraulic structures, and water sumps are cleared at collieries and mines to prevent the loss of produced coal and concentrated iron ore.

The fishing sector secured necessary materials to further solidify sea dikes and wharfs.

The Chongjin Railway Bureau has repaired railways and structures in scores of sections, reinforcing the trackmen's teams and their equipment. Thorough measures are taken in major construction sites in the province to protect equipment and materials from landslide and valley streams.

The units in charge of land and environment protection launched a public campaign for carrying out different anti-land-sliding projects and the project for reinforcing the embankments of Stream Susong and others. They also put efforts into repairing bridges and roads.


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