Many Tunneling and Mining Units in Coal Industry Sector Fulfill Their First Half-yearly Plans


Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- One hundred and tens of tunneling and coal-cutting teams under the Ministry of Coal Industry have fulfilled their first half-yearly plan ahead of schedule.

Coal miners across the country secured many reserve cutting faces by giving priority to tunneling, thus opening up bright prospects for increased production of coal this year. So the number of the teams which fulfilled their first half-yearly plans ahead of schedule is increasing.

20-odd tunneling teams of the Tokchon Area Coal-Mining Complex and the Pukchang Area Youth Coal-Mining Complex carried out their first half-yearly plans more than one month earlier than the scheduled.

Dozens of tunneling units of the Sunchon Area Youth Coal-Mining Complex fulfilled their first half-yearly plans and 17 tunneling units of the Kaechon Area Coal-Mining Complex implemented their daily plans by over 110 percent on average.

Scores of teams in other coal mines across the country successfully fulfilled their first half-yearly plan until the end of May.

All the units in the field of coal industry steadily make redoubled efforts to carry out their national economic plans.


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