Socialist Emulation Drive Brisk in Cooperative Farms of DPRK


Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- A brisk socialist emulation drive is witnessed in every field of co-operative farms across the DPRK.

The Central Committee of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea mapped out a detailed emulation drive plan for successfully finishing rice-transplanting at the right time and has provided scrupulous guidance for doing so.

In order to step up rice-transplanting, the North Phyongan Provincial Committee of the union organized a socialist emulation drive among tractor drivers, working cattle keepers, rice-transplanting machine drivers and rice-seedbed caretakers. This resulted in concluding rice-transplanting timely on most of the fields in the province.

Organizations of the union in South Hwanghae Province have laid the groundwork for bumper harvest by organizing a socialist emulation drive among workteams, sub-workteams and farmers. So the workteams and farmers are vying with each other to do every farming process responsibly on a scientific basis.

Officials of the South Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the union have steadily aroused a competitive spirit of agricultural workers by directing efforts to generalizing the experiences of exemplary units and farmers.

The Pyongyang City Committee of the union has given priority to the political work to make collective innovations among rice-transplanting machine drivers. It helped farmers fulfill their daily rice-transplanting plans by sending a lot of farming machine accessories to them.

Similar efforts are witnessed in other organizations of the union in irrigation management stations and farm machine stations across the country. A socialist emulation drive among their workers results in good management of equipment and water control, thus promoting mechanization of agriculture.


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