Ministries and National Institutions Intensify Support for Countryside


Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- Ministries and national institutions of the DPRK continue their manpower and material support for the countryside.

Officials of the Ministry of IT Industry who found themselves in different farms are sincerely working with farmers. The Ministry provided them with accessories and materials necessary for farm machines and repair of irrigation facilities.

Several units including the National Pricing Commission and the Central Industrial Design Administration sent tractor accessories and bioactivity fertilizers to the relevant farms after learning in detail about their actual situations, thus helping them hasten rice-transplanting.

Other ministries and national institutions sent a lot of materials necessary for current farming to the countryside and their officials involved in rice-transplanting carry out their daily task without fail while helping and leading one another forward.

Material and moral assistance rendered by officials of the ministries and national institutions greatly encourage the agricultural workers.


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