Preparations for Preventing Typhoon and Flood Damage Underway in Forestry Sector


Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The forestry sector steps up its preparations for preventing damage by disastrous climate.

Workers of the Ryanggang Provincial Forestry Management Bureau thoroughly find out and eliminate the defects and dangerous things that may disturb timber transport.

Those of the Yonam Mine Timber Production Station reinforced the ballast of forest railroads and supported them with new sleepers. Other stations engage in reinforcement of retaining walls, gutter-cleaning and readjustment of waterways to protect lumber transport routes from landslide.

Those of the Jagang Provincial Forestry Management Bureau repair forest roads and bridges under a detailed plan.

The Kangwon and South Hamgyong provincial forestry management bureaus have completed the reinforcement of several lumber yards in mountain forests to protect their lumber heaps, well aware that to prevent typhoon and flood damage is an important undertaking for protecting precious wealth of the country.

They also pay primary attention to providing their lumbermen with better living conditions so that they would work in forest without any inconvenience despite unfavorable weather.


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