Efforts for Protecting and Developing Marine Resources in DPRK


Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- Today marks World Oceans Day.

In the DPRK, various works have been conducted to protect and develop marine resources.

They include a work to provide sea animals and plants with favorable living conditions through the creation of artificial fish banks and conserving and propagating non-migratory fishes, a scientific research for artificially breeding fishes like Pollack, flatfish and urchin and stocking seas with their fry, and a work to prevent the environmental pollution and improve water quality in coastal areas by encouraging the mussel and tangle cultivation.

Also, bigger efforts are directed to preventing the marine pollution through the installation of rubbish blocking net, the construction of sand blocking bank and the removal of plastic debris floating in seas.

Meanwhile, progress has been made in the work to develop and use the marine resources.

A new type of wave power generation device was developed. And survey, analysis and estimation of marine resources are conducted and a research into cutting-edge sci-tech is deepened.

A work will be propelled in earnest to develop such modern marine industry as industrialized sea culture, marine energy resources development and marine medicine and functional food making.


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