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Potato Planting Underway in Ryanggang Province


Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) -- Farms in Ryanggang Province have registered good results in potato planting.

The Junghung Farm in Samjiyon City is fulfilling its daily plan over 120 percent, and other farms in the city have planted potatoes in more fields by mounting the campaign in which one overtakes and learns from others and swaps experiences with them.

Farms in Taehongdan County and several other counties are over-fulfilling their daily plans by launching inter-farm, inter-work-team and inter-sub-work-team socialist emulation drives.

Counties in the province are pushing ahead with the potato planting, giving priority to plowing with the combined use of farm machines and draught animals. And they are applying a lot of good huminite and manure to low-yielding fields.

Officials and working people of institutions, factories and enterprises in the province are positively helping the agricultural workers in potato planting.



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