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Philatelists in DPRK


Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) -- In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, there is a large number of philatelists. The stamps issued by the State Stamp Bureau reflect the brilliant history of the Republic, the brilliant culture of the Korean nation, beautiful natural scenery of the country, etc.

Among those philatelists is Jong Yong Il, a worker of the Mangyongdae Machine Tool Factory, who has collected more than 5 000 kinds of stamps for 50-odd years.

Since Juche 86 (1997), he has participated in stamp show every year. He told KCNA that stamps make him know well about the country and the stamp collection provides a good occasion in enriching the emotional life.

An Jun Ok, a woman residing in Ryugyongdong-2, Pothonggang District of Pyongyang City, together with her daughter, has made tens of stamp albums in recent years. She said that she relieves her fatigue while seeing the stamp albums.

All members of the family of Ri Kwang Son, a teacher of Kim Il Sung University, are philatelists. He has collected thousands of kinds of stamps, including those issued in the latter half of the 1950s, for the last 30-odd years.

Not a few people in the country acceded to the Philatelists Union of Korea to conduct the stamp collection activities.



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