Railway Transport Sector Over-fulfills Monthly Plan


Pyongyang, May 3 (KCNA) -- The working class in the field of railway transport stimulates the economic construction through increased transport.

The Ministry of Railways carried out its April freight transport plan 105 percent.

Workers of the Pyongyang Railway Bureau carried out the freight transport plan 106 percent.

Engine drivers at the West Pyongyang Service Brigade of Engine, Pyongyang Service Brigade of Engine, Pukchang Service Brigade of Engine and Sinsongchon Service Brigade of Engine over-fulfilled their daily transport plans by thoroughly establishing the self-checking and self-repair system and through dynamic drives like over-hauling.

By properly dovetailing the loading, switching and other processes, Myongdang Railway Station, Kohung Railway Station, etc. are sending freights to the construction sites in time.

Working class of the Hamhung Railway Bureau is also bringing about collective innovations.

While grasping the definite positions of locomotives and freight cars, the bureau is scrupulously carrying out the formation of train and traction.

The Hamhung Service Brigade of Engine, the Tanchon Youth Service Brigade of Engine and the Kowon Service Brigade of Engine built their own repair workshops and positively introduced innovations for increasing the speed of repair and improving its quality, thus increasing the rate of locomotive operations.

The same is true of other railway bureaus and stations.


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