Working Class in Coal Industry Over-fulfills Monthly Plan


Pyongyang, May 3 (KCNA) -- Working class in the coal industry over-fulfilled their monthly production plan in April, too.

Officials and coal miners of the Pukchang Area Youth Coal Mining Complex have made achievements in coal production from the first year for implementing the new five-year plan.

The complex organized a high-speed tunneling competition and made a substantial summing-up, thus raising the drilling result 1.2 times higher than before.

The Kujang Area Coal Mining Complex introduced various tunneling methods appropriate to rock qualities and increased the proportion of mechanization in mining to fulfill its monthly plan.

The Sunchon Area Youth Coal Mining Complex, the Tukjang Area Coal Mining Complex, the Kaechon Area Coal Mining Complex and the Hamnam Area Coal Mining Complex over-fulfilled their monthly plans through dynamic socialist emulation drives.

The same is true of other coal mining complexes like the Anju Area Coal Mining Complex, the Chonnae Area Coal Mining Complex and the Tokchon Area Coal Mining Complex.


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