Construction of Cage-net Fish Breeding Grounds Brisk in DPRK


Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) -- The construction of cage-net fish farms is brisk in the DPRK.

Pyongyang City is taking the lead in cage-net fish farming.

The Taedonggang Fish Farming and Spawning Station established cage-net fish breeding grounds operated by a system of observing and adjusting in real time feed supply, water temperature, pH, etc.

The cage-net fish farms in Tongdaewon and Songyo districts have installed in a short period mobile cage-net fish breeding grounds well-matching the picturesque River Taedong.

The South Hamgyong Province is pushing ahead with the installation of the cage-net fish breeding grounds as planned, laying the material and technical foundations for revitalizing the fish farming.

The working people in the field of fish farming in North Phyongan Province have installed cage-net fish breeding grounds in the areas favorable for fish breeding. They also pay attention to taking good nutritional care of fry, raising incubation rate.

The South Hwanghae, North Hamgyong and Jagang provinces are installing cage-net fish breeding grounds one after another in rivers, lakes and reservoirs and taking practical measures for raising the scientific and intensive level of fish farming.


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