Koryo Insam Exhibition House


Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- There is the Koryo Insam Exhibition House in Pothonggang District of Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK.

The exhibition house serves more than 100 varieties of insam processed goods in 50 kinds like white insam, red insam, insam tea and insam cosmetics and 200-odd kinds of insam dishes like chicken soup boiled with insam, bouilli chicken with insam inside and insam kimchi.

It has regularly organized passing-on-technique for preparing new dishes while preserving the medical value of insam intact.

Ri Yong Hwan, a resident in Rangnang District of Pyongyang, told KCNA that chicken soup boiled with Kaesong insam served at the exhibition house is very delicious.

Employees of the exhibition house are now filled with the will to make a signal progress in the work for creating a new socialist service culture of Korean style by putting their service activities on a people-oriented, cultural, modern and diversified basis.


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