60th Anniversary of Pukchong Enlarged Meeting Marked


Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- A meeting took place in Pukchong County of South Hamgyong Province, the DPRK on April 6 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Pukchong enlarged meeting of the Presidium of the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee.

Present there were Ju Chol Gyu, vice-premier of the Cabinet and minister of Agriculture, and officials, scientists, technicians and agricultural workers from Pukchong County and the field of fruit farming.

In his concluding speech "On Planting Orchards through an All-people Movement" at the Pukchong enlarged meeting of the Presidium of the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee held on April 7, Juche 50 (1961), President Kim Il Sung set forth the tasks for creating orchards and expanding the area of the country's orchards through an all-people movement by following the experience of the county.

Ju Chol Gyu stressed in a report that the Pukchong enlarged meeting served as a historic occasion of opening up a new era in developing the country's fruit farming.

Chairman Kim Jong Il unfolded a far-reaching plan for turning Pukchong County into a large-scale fruit producer and worked heart and soul for its materialization, visiting the Ryongjon Fruit Farm several times, the reporter noted.

The reporter said that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave precious instructions to the county to firmly consolidate the foundations for the development of fruit farming and to powerfully step up various construction projects including the building of a fruit storehouse and the project for upgrading a fruit processing factory.

For the past 60 years since the Pukchong enlarged meeting, a great change has been made in developing the country's fruit farming under the wise guidance of the peerlessly great persons, he noted.

The reporter underscored the need for the field of fruit farming to set up a scientific and rational management and business strategy, consolidate its material and technological foundations and boost the fruit production under the uplifted banner of scientific fruit farming.

He called on the officials and working people in the field of fruit farming to bring about substantial changes and progress in the development of pomiculture from the first year for the new five-year plan.


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