Spring City Beautification Campaign Brisk in DPRK


Pyongyang, April 6 (KCNA) -- Officials and working people of the DPRK launched a patriotic campaign for sprucing up their streets, villages and worksites on the occasion of the months for spring city beautification.

Institutions, enterprises and people's neighborhood units across the country buckled down to removing all remnants of winter, sprucing up dwelling houses, public buildings and their surroundings and re-paving roadways and sidewalks.

Many trees of good species are planted in good harmony with flowerbeds and lawn in residential districts, parks and pleasure grounds to cover all cities and villages with thick woods and flower gardens.

Phyongchon District and other districts of the capital city reinforced roadside stone embankments, painted apartment houses and restored pedestrian paths and fences damaged in winter while taking good care of the lawn and flowerbeds.

Cities and counties in South Hamgyong Province including Hamhung City and Kumya County put efforts into restoring the exterior of multi-storied apartment houses, tidying up dumping grounds, creating greenbelts and repairing sewage treatment plants.

Officials and working people in Sinuiju City of North Phyongan Province made successes in their work for turning the city into a grand park full of flowers.

Those in Kwail County of South Hwanghae Province created hundreds of square meters of a greenbelt in less than one week as a result of their sincere efforts for covering the land with turf.

The work for decorating public places and buildings with peculiar electric lights is getting brisk across the country.


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