Housing Construction in Pyongyang Represents Period of New Upsurge: Rodong Sinmun


Pyongyang, April 6 (KCNA) -- The construction sites of 50 000 flats in the capital city, which will emerge as happy homes of our people, constitute a major offensive front that represents the period of a new great upsurge and turn in socialist construction, says Rodong Sinmun in an article on Tuesday.

It goes on:

The on-going general advance for hastening a fresh victory of the socialist construction is a struggle for thoroughly embodying the people-first principle. And it is the intention of our Party that the advantages and vitality of socialism should be clearly manifested in the happy life and laughter of the people.

When more happy homes of the people are built and more results and edifices they like, welcome and wait for are produced and erected to make their cheers of "hurrah!" for the Workers' Party of Korea and socialism resound far and wide across the country, it just means the period of a new upsurge and great turn in socialist construction.

Building 50 000 modern flats in Pyongyang is a long-cherished desire of our Party, which has long intended to do so to provide the citizens with more stable and civilized living conditions and made preparations for the project.

Our Party calls for building every flat as an excellent one symbolic of the idea and soul, high spirit and ambition, and lofty ideals and the high-level civilization in our era.

The large-scale project for building flats unveiled by our Party and state is not the one for attaining any economic profits. It is a noble work for turning all national wealth and fruits of the working masses' creative labor into their benefits.

Steadfast is the determination and will of our Party to certainly build new magnificent streets full of modern flats for our people, the best in the world.


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