Youths in Jagang Province Volunteer to Work at Major Economic Worksites


Pyongyang, April 5 (KCNA) -- More than 100 young people in Jagang Province of the DPRK volunteered to work on major fronts of economic construction.

Volunteers in Kanggye City made their minds to devote their youthful life and patriotic efforts to the country as the preceding generations did always in hearty response to the calls of the Party and the country.

Those in Manpho City, too, hardened the will to do their bit in relieving the country of its heavy burdens.

The volunteers include youths in Songgan, Wiwon and Hwaphyong counties and other areas, who renewed their pledge to add glory to the honor of the young vanguard in the ongoing worthwhile great creation campaign.

Officials and working people in the province gave the young volunteers a warm send-off.


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