Forest Showing Korean Nation's Anti-Japanese Sentiment


Pyongyang, March 1 (KCNA) -- In South Hamgyong Province of the DPRK, there is a peculiar forest made up with more than 100 chestnut trees.

Occupying an area of 106 meters in width and 146 meters in length, the forest has displayed the shape of figures "3.1", which mean the date of March 1 when a popular uprising was launched in Korea against the Japanese imperialists.

This reflects the independent and indomitable spirit of the Korean people, who feared no sacrifice to retake their usurped country from the Japanese imperialist aggressors, refusing to be reduced into a colonial slavery.

On March 1, Juche 8 (1919), the Korean people rose up against the Japanese imperialists' cruel oppressive and predatory policies. This uprising, started in Pyongyang, swept the whole country in a moment, spreading even to compatriots overseas.

The March First Popular Uprising was an eruption of the Korean nation's pent-up resentment and grudge toward the Japanese imperialists' barbarous military rule and a nationwide anti-Japanese patriotic resistance to retake the usurped country and achieve the sovereignty of the nation.

At that time, patriotic people planted more than 100 Pyongyang chestnut trees in commemoration of the March First Popular Uprising.

Though one century passed, those chestnut trees have been well preserved to convey the ardent patriotic spirit and indomitable will of the Korean people.


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