Kim Tok Hun Learns about Work in Important Fields of National Economy


Pyongyang, February 20 (KCNA) -- Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and premier of the Cabinet of the DPRK, learned about the work of the important fields of the national economy on the spot.

He looked round various production processes of the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex and the Chollima Steel Complex.

He called for putting emphasis on technical management of production processes, actively introducing rational work methods to reduce melting time in electric furnace and to increase production per charge and ensuring the timely provision of raw materials so as to carry out without fail daily production plan.

At the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, he underlined the need to closely coordinate relations between shops and processes and put advanced science and technology to active use and to carry out maintenance and repairing of equipment in a planned way.

The field consultative meetings stressed the need to expand capacities by reinforcing the existing production foundation including the technical perfection of the Juche iron production system and modernization of fireproof material production process, and to meticulously organize self-checking system for compressing equipment to drastically increase the production of fertilizer.

The premier also learned about the updating of the Kumsong Tractor Factory on the spot.


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